Ruby & Ruby on Rails Web Hosting on Kloud51

Kloud51 is one of the few free web hosts to offer the Ruby programming language. A combination of Perl’s syntax and Smalltalk’s semantics, Ruby is a recent language that is growing in popularity. Ruby’s compatibility with multiple programming paradigms allows it great versatility and makes it an easy language to learn for existing developers. One of Kloud51’s unique offerings is the ability of each user to configure their own Ruby extensions (known as Ruby Gems) from their control panel.

We also offer the powerful Ruby on Rails web application framework. This framework contains all the essentials for building a web application, and greatly simplifies the task by providing libraries tailored to do almost any task. By utilizing the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern, Rails effectively separates different aspects of your web application, allowing for modular design and extensibility.

  • Ruby Gems
    • Kloud51 allows every user to install their own Ruby Gems (Ruby code libraries) to use with Ruby on their accounts.
  • Complete Ruby on Rails
    • We offer the complete Ruby on Rails installation, including the following Ruby Gems: rails, actionmailer, actionpack, activerecord, activeresource, and activesupport.
  • MySQL/MariaDB
    • Kloud51 offers the MySQL library for Ruby. This library allows interfacing between the MySQL database server and Ruby/Ruby on Rails applications.
  • Rake
    • Rake is Ruby’s equivalent of GNU Make. Rakefiles gets rid of a lot of the complex syntax in standard Makefiles, and redesign the important directives in Ruby syntax.
  • Ruby daemons
    • Ruby daemons allow a Ruby application to run in the background. They also enable management of the application, enabled a coder to turn their application on or off programmatically. This feature is employed by most Ruby on Rails applications.
  • Ruby fastthread
    • The Ruby fastthread extension enables threading. Being based on the C programming language, fastthread offers significant performance improvements over Ruby’s standard thread.rb library.

Try Kloud51 for hosting your Ruby & Ruby on Rails app, fast and reliable <3

Alireza Savand • 2018 May 02

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