[Tutorial] How to install Prestashop on Kloud51

Step1 : First you will need to log in into your user account. Once you have entered your credentials , click login. You will enter to the client area. From there , click on cPanel to access it.

Screenshot (807).png

Step2 : Once you have reached to cPanel , start scrolling down the page and look for Softaculous App Installer section. There you will find the Prestashop icon. Click on it.

Screenshot (814).png

Step3: Once you reach the Prestashop installation page , look for the install button and click on it.

Screenshot (815).png

Step4: Now start scrolling down the page until you find a smaller , grey , "install" button. Click on it to start installing the Prestashop.

Screenshot (816).png

Step5: Installation process will start instantly. Once the installation is completed , you will be directed to the configuration page. To check , whether the Prestashop has been installed correctly , click on the highlighted link.

Screenshot (817).png

Done! You have successfully installed Prestashop. It is as easy as cutting a cheese. Now you can select whatever theme you like.

Screenshot (818).png

Kloud51 • 2017 Dec 09

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